SmallRank Shops

Adding Variants and Options is one of the most important aspect for many sellers. SmallRank Shops has a very powerful and flexible Options Manager which can let sellers add all kinds of variants.

• In Products, click on "Add New Product" or "Edit"
• Click on "Options"
• Click on "Add New Option" - this is the Option Title (example: Color, Size, Length etc.)
• Edit Option Type by selecting from Dropdown (Single Select), Checkbox (Multi Select), Radio Button (Single Select), Color Button (Single Select) and Multiple Select. Mark the Option as Required while Checkout. 
• Click on "Add New Row"  - this is the Option (example: Red, Yellow, XS, XL, 30cm, 60cm etc.) 
• For Each Row or Option, enter Option Name and Option Price. 

Click on Update or Next.