SmallRank Shops

Having your own domain name for your business can help you build a brand. It makes it easier for customers to identify your business and remember it easily but making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Now you can link your SmallRank Shop with a domain name of your choice, that matches your brand's personality. 

Custom domain is available for SmallRank Shop Premium customers with a host of other powerful features to grow your business. To know more about SmallRank Shop Premium, check our our Pricing Page

How to link and activate a custom domain?
• In Domains, click on "Add New Domain"
• Enter Your Domain or Subdomain and set the Status to "Active"
• Go to your Domain Host (GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.) and add a new DNS record with the following details -
• Add a new CNAME Record. In "Host" add "@" and in "Value" add ""
• Back to the Domains page, click on the Tick Icon beside the domain name to Activate the Domain as your default Shop URL.