SmallRank Shops

This checklist outlines all the steps that you need to take to get started with SmallRank Shops. These steps will guide you to create, open, and promote your online store. You might find it helpful to print this checklist so that you can refer to it throughout the setup process.

Set up your online shop -
Before you add products to your SmallRank Shop, you need to enter some information about yourself and your shop. You have to select methods of payments to make it easy for you to conduct your business. Set up store, payments, and delivery fees to make the most of it while setting up your online store.

• Name your Business in Account Settings
• Add your Business Logo
• Update Email and Shop URL (optional)
• Scroll down and add Business Address 
• Enter your Google Analytics ID and Facebook Pixel ID (optional)
• Click on Payments -
• Enable Online Payments by entering your Bank Details
• Enable Cash on Delivery
• Setup Shipping -
• From Account Settings, select Shipping Type
• From Shipping Settings, click on Shipping Location
• Mention your Shipping Regions followed by respective Shipping Type and Shipping Cost

Organize your online shop -
The way you organize your products and categories are two of the most important parts of your online store. Make sure to add more products to increase the chances of getting orders. Add product information that will make it easier for customers to make decisions and buy from your store. Also, capture important information like email, landmarks, date & time scheduling for orders from customers.

• In Categories, add Product Category
• In Products, add Product - follow this tutorial.
• From Dashboard, click on "Share URL" to Share Shop on Whatsapp

Promote your online shop -
After you launch your online shop, you need to promote it. SmallRank Shops makes it easier for you to promote your stop. Explore features like Smart Marketing by SmallRank where we help you reach potential customers through Google, Facebook and Bing. In addition to that -

• From Dashboard, click on "Share URL" to Share Shop on Whatsapp
• Share Shop Link on Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp